Darling Harbour – Sydney – Australia

“I still need to pinch myself sometimes to remind me that the first boat I ever owned was a brand new 41
footer, something I could never have imagined before discovering Yacht-share. We’re on our second
boat now as the yachts are sold every three years and you have the option of cashing in your share of
the sale price or rolling it over into a new boat. We’re having too much fun to stop now though”

Graham Hoade – Dufour 412 Syndicate

“I’ve always wanted a boat but there was always a reason why it wasn’t going to happen. Too expensive,
nowhere to moor it, too much responsibility etc., all good reasons. I just assumed you had to wear all
the costs yourself.  Then I found out about Sydney By Sail Yacht Share and bought a share in a new Elan Impression and loving it”

Gordon Jones – Elan Impression 394

“The Sydney By Sail Yacht Share has been great.  The yacht is ready to go every day you have it booked. Just arrive at the wharf, load up your food and equipment and off you go. You’ll even get some training to get your confidence level up and the staff are always on hand to help me park the boat”

Trevor Campbell – Dufour 390 Syndicate

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