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The Concept is Easy

Economical and easy Yacht Ownership

The sharing economy and Sydney By Sail Yacht and Boat Share

We now live in the age of the sharing economy. Be it car, bike, plane, holiday home; the list goes on. Yacht share or boat share is now an accepted way of enjoying the lifestyle that boating and sailing have to offer without all the hassles of 100% boat ownership. There are many costs associated with ownership, including repairs, maintenance, berthing and insurance. Then, there are the hours involved in cleaning, arranging trades, and performing regular and mandatory system checks to keep your boat safe and seaworthy.

Sydney By Sail’s yacht share program has been operating since 2012 with great success from our base at Darling Harbour. Over that time, we have provided thousands of hassle-free sailing days to our valued customers. Our yacht share program is so popular that around 50% of our customers continue with a new syndicate. We only offer boat share in brand new yachts and powerboats, ensuring you don’t face ongoing mechanical and technical issues you might experience with older boats. Further, we import the yachts and powerboats directly from the factory, ensuring share prices are not inflated beyond the retail price and allow immediate access to parts and advice if needed.

Apart from yacht and boat share, Sydney By Sail has offered sailing and boating training since 1995 to thousands of customers. The International Yacht Training Organisation accredits our training academy. IYT operates more boating courses with more Government approvals through more schools in more countries and more languages than any other boating organisation globally. IYT are ISO:9001 2008 approved. Our program’s shareholders receive first-class training to provide the knowledge, skill, and confidence to navigate their boat safely.

Cost-effective boat ownership

All costs are shared reducing each share owners financial commitment

Sydney By Sail’s Yacht and Boat Share program offers as little as a 10% share in a new yacht or powerboat. Some customers choose to purchase multiple shares to allow more usage. Boat ownership attracts many costs such as berthing, maintenance, insurance and repairs. Our yacht share program means all these costs are shared amongst the owners. A 10% share provides a minimum of 33 days of use per year. Additional days are available on a stand by basis.

How many days are allocated to each owner?

Days are dependant on percentage ownership

Each share entitles the owner to a minimum number of days per year to use the yacht: 
10% share: 33 days per annum | 11 days per trimester, consisting of eight weekdays and three weekend days
20% share:  69 days per annum | 23 days per trimester, consisting of 17 weekdays and six weekend days
30% share:  105 days per annum | 35 days per trimester, consisting of 25 weekdays and 10 weekend days

Additional days are available on a ‘stand by’ basis

Online Booking System

Simple and Easy to use, 24/7 access

Shareowners can book their days up to four months in advance and still have complete flexibility.
Owners can change bookings (i.e. in bad weather situations) without penalty or limitations. Bookings are made conveniently over the internet at any time of day. Each day you book is guaranteed for you, and your yacht will be ready for pickup at 9 am. Overnight usage is popular, especially when two or more consecutive days are booked. You can book single days or extended holiday periods. Standby days are also available for weekday and weekend bookings.

Maintenance & Management

Sydney By Sail will take care of all yacht maintenance and arrangements.

Yacht ownership not only costs money, but it can also mean spending more time maintaining and repairing the yacht than enjoying the sailing. It is never-ending, but a yacht that is not well maintained will depreciate even faster than necessary. Sydney By Sail syndicated fleet is professionally maintained throughout the ownership period, focusing on detail and value conservation. This service is perfectly suited for our busy lifestyles, where most people are time poor but still want the sailing lifestyle without the commitment. Sydney By Sail takes care of all the operational aspects involved in yacht ownership, resulting in an all-inclusive walk-on, walk-off sailing experience.


Legal Requirements & Approvals

Sydney By Sail Yacht Share Program meets strict legal requirements and has full approval from
Roads and Maritime NSW. The yacht is insured with fully comprehensive insurance and legal liability. The
The yacht is registered with Roads and Maritime for recreational use.

What happens when the yacht is sold?

Owners share in the net proceeds

When the yacht is sold, the owners share in the net proceeds. You will only have paid for the true
depreciation of your yacht, and our stringent management program will ensure that each syndicated yacht retains the maximum resale value. Our boats will typically depreciate by approximately 35% within a three year ownership period. Historically syndicate yachts are sold in a reasonably short time frame. Some owners love their yacht so much that they purchase it outright after the syndicate period finishes. And all owners have the first option to purchase the yacht outright before it is placed on the open market.

Purchase a % Share in a Yacht

Enjoy fully serviced, walk-on walk-off sailing

Immaculately maintained by Professional Staff

Cleaning, Refuelling & Repairs done for you

Valet Yacht Parking & Skipper Service

RMS Registration included

Insurance included

Free sailing instruction, Ongoing advice & tips

All safety equipment included

Fully-equipped kitchen – plates, cutlery, pots, pans, kettle etc

Linen & Laundry Service available

Capital return on sale of the yacht after 3 years

24/7, 365 days online booking system

Book your days & enjoy sailing with family and friends

An easy, smart, fun way to enjoy a fabulous sailing lifestyle

Sail away carefree

Join a Syndicate today

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